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MTS50 Test Stand for Force Gauge
Universal testing machine (UTM) for use with force gauges
Measures compressive and tensile forces up to 500 N / 50 kg


MTS50 is a motorized material test stand for use with all series force gauges. (Note: An adapter plate may be required for mounting the force gauge to the test stand - see accessories for details.) The motorized material test stand offers enhanced control and stability during force testing. It also helps to ensure the accuracy and repeatability of vertical tension and compression force test results.


Use of the motorized material test stand requires an AC power connection. The feed rate is adjustable between 50 ... 500 mm / min using the controls on the front panel. The traverse / distance also can be adjusted.

*** Test stand only. Force gauge and adapter plate (if necessary) sold separately. ***

Test Stand for Force Gauge MTS 50

    Force measuring range Max. 500 N / 50 kg
    Traverse Max. 315 mm
    Feed speed 50 ... 250 mm / min up to 200 N
    250 ... 500 mm / min up to 500 N
    Power supply 110 V or 220 V AC
    Current consumption 1.5 A
    Optimal operating conditions 20 °C (68 °F), ≤ 80 % relative humidity (RH)
    Dimensions Approx. 430 x 240 x 570 mm (16.9 x 9.4 x 22.4")
    Weight Approx. 24.2 kg (54 lb)
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