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As lean-Air Model MDL series separates particles through the impactor developed from the existing airborne particle 
monitor and is designed by considering the specific gravity of the particle, and it uses the patent registered innet nozzle 
that completely solved the error that can be created by particle separation and special gravity of particles on the program of the existing scattering light.
Clean-Air product achieved convenient maintenance of the particle separation panel when separating impactor particle separation, which was inconvenient in the former impactor. This technology is patent registered.


Clean-Air product reduced the margin of error and increased the accuracy by using dual light chamber for the mass of the fine dusts separated from PM2.5 and PM10 impactor.


#PM 1 #無塵房 

The Clean Air'Ambient Laser Dust Monitor

    • Measurement flow rate : 0.1cfm 2.83LPM
    • Measurement size: pm10, pm2.5, pm1
    • Digital Output: TCP/IP, RS-232
    • Pm10 impactor & Optical isolationParticle separation : 
    • Measure Pm10, pm2.5, pm1.0 at the same time
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