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The tipping bucket rain gauge generates a pulse every time it senses 0.1 mm of water. Therefore, one pulse equals 0.1 mm rainfall. The device counts all these pulses. In regular intervals, usually after 10 minutes, the device reports three values: the number of pulses (precipitation) during the last interval, the duration of the interval in seconds and the total accumulated number of pulses (precipitation) since the last reset.


The accumulated precipitation is very useful for reporting the amount of rain water over long periods. Moreover, the accumulated precipitation allows to calculate precipitation even for periods when no data could be transmitted to the network.



  1. LoRaWAN® -enabled tipping bucket rain gauge.
  2. Meets the specifications of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO).
  3. Resolution: 0.1 mm, catchment area: 200 cm2 .
  4. Precipitation during the last sampling interval and total accumulated precipitation.
  5. Extremely low power consumption.
  6. Compatible with LoRaWAN® networks of any provider.
  7. Place and measure: no setup required.



  • Sampling interval 10 min (configurable through the user interfaces)
    Data upload interval 10 min (configurable through the user interfaces)
    Reported sensor data (average of samples) 1. Precipitation
    2. Interval
    3. Accumulated precipitation (starting from last device reset)
    SD-card logging Optional
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