The torque gauge serves for detection of the loosening torque as well as for tightening of screws. Simultaneously the torque gauge can be used as a monitoring instrument. The torque test instrument provides a keyed chuck with two steady handles.
The torque gauge enables taking of the tools with a maximum diameter of 13 mm and thus offers a wide range of applications. It has two adjustable thresholds which can monitor the rotation of the screws and can warn the user acoustically when the limits are reached. Thus the torque gauge can also be used without display visual contact. The display shows at a glance the breakaway or tightening as well as the current force profile. The sampling rate can be individually set up to 1000 Hz. The measurement data can be transferred during or after the measurement to the supplied torque gauge PC software or can remain in the device stored on the micro SD card. The test instrument is powered by AA mignon replaceable battery packs and thus enables a flexible use.
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Torque Meter FB 10TS

  • Measuring range 10 Nm (1 kgf-m)
    Resolution 0,01 Nm
    Measurement uncertainty ±0,5 % from the measuring range
    Measuring units Nm, Ncm, kgfm, lbfin, gfm
    max. overload 50 % of the measuring range
    Tool intake with sprocket / keyed chuck up to Ø 13 mm
    Measuting rate Freely adjustable up to 1.000 values / sec.
    24 Bit Processor (16.000.000)
    Measuring functions PEAK Function (MIN - MAX Hold) / limit measurement / real-time measurement with Software
    Display LCD graphic Display 61 x 34 mm / automatic screen orientation / backlight
    Menu guide Multilingual: German / English / Spanish
    Memory option Internal memory and Mini SD memory card (the internal memory is limited to a measuring range of up to 6.400 measurements)
    Storage manual – by pressing a button
    automatic - (adjustable)
    Interface Serial RS-232, 9-pin and USB
    OPTIONAL: switching contact output 
    MIN / MAX / OK (see below) + 1 input
    Software incl. PC Software for evaluation and control
    Ambient conditions - 10 ... +40 °C
    Power supply 4x Ni-MH 2700 mAh AA batteries (replaceable) or via AC adapter ~230 V/12 V; 1,2 A incl.
    auto OFF function adjustable
    Battery life Approx. 20 Std. (without lighting approx. 45 Std.)
    Dimensions evaluator 210 x 110 x 40 mm / 600 g
    Dimensions torque sensor Ø 50 x 185 mm / 860 g
    Cable length to the torque sensor approx. 2 m

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