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The mechanical closing torque measuring device ensures a fast and comfortable measurement and control of moments of torque as well as torsional moments. With the closing torque measuring device, especially torque moments of bolted and plug connections as well as tightening and screw off torques can be measured. These can be found in food packaging, bottles, glass cups or tins. The quick release chuck will support a clamping range of 7 … 140 mm. Furthermore, torsional load of springs can be determined. The measured values will be shown in Ncm on a dial indicator with an integrated drag indicator and resetting knob. In relation to the measuring range end value, the accuracy of the closing torque measuring device is below ± 2 %. Thanks to the hard aluminium casing with rubber flip feet as well as a carrying grip, the closing torque measuring device is not only a stable measuring device. Its flexible and comfortable construction ensures applications, where fast and secure measurements are needed.

Torque Meter MVD-900NCM

  • Type Measuring range             Division mark per (Ncm)
    15 ... 150 Ncm                                         5 Ncm
    30 ... 300 Ncm                                       10 Ncm
    60 ... 600 Ncm                                       20 Ncm
    90 ... 900 Ncm                                       25 Ncm
    120 ... 1200 Nm                                     50 Ncm
    150 ... 1500 Nm                                     50 Ncm
    300 ... 3000 Nm                                   100 Ncm
    Accuracy < ± 2 % referred to the final measured value
    Measured moments clock with 72 mm diameter
    Clamping range 7 ... 140 mm
    Casing  aluminium 
    Weight 6.5 kg
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