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The turbidity meter HI 93414-02 is a portable device for measuring chlorine and turbidity. Through this combination, the user can quickly and easily determine two important water parameters with the turbidity measuring device and check the quality of drinking water. The calibration of the turbidity measuring instrument HI 93414-02 is very simple because of the calibration standards included in the delivery contents. For the turbidity range, the turbidity meter can be equipped with a max. 4 point calibration and for the chlorine range with a 1 point calibration per measuring range. The user can choose between preset calibration values for the turbidity meter or user-defined calibration values. Thanks to the GLP function (good laboratory practice), the calibration data are permanently stored in the turbidity meter and can be recalled at any time. An additional plus for the turbidity meter is the measured value memory in which 200 measured values can be stored with date and time. The "Tag Identifications System" contributes to the improved use of the storage unit on the turbidity measuring device HI 93414-02. The i-buttons contained in the turbidity measuring instrument HI 93414-02 are installed at recurring measuring points. After being touched by the turbidity measuring device, the measuring location is stored in addition to the measured values, time and date.

Turbidity Meter HI 93414-02

  • Measuring ranges:
    Turbidity 0 ... 9.99 / 10 ... 99.9 / 100 ... 1000 NTU
    Chlorine free 0 ... 5 mg/l
    Chlorine total 0 ... 5 mg/l
    Turbidity 0.01 / 0.1 / 1 NTU
    Chlorine free 0.01 mg/l < 3.5 mg/l / 0.1 mg/l > 3.5 mg/l
    Chlorine total 0.01 mg/l < 3.5 mg/l / 0.1 mg/l > 3.5 mg/l
    Turbidity ± 2 % the display + 0.02 NTU
    Chlorine free ± 0.02 mg/l @ 1.00 mg/l
    Chlorine total ± 0.02 mg/l @ 1.00 mg/l
    Light source Lamp with tungsten filament
    Light detector Silicon photocell
    Memory 200 Measured values
    PC Interface RS232 or USB
    Batteries 4 x 1.5 V AA Batteries or power adapter
    Environmental conditions max. 50 °C, max. 95 % rH
    Dimensions (HxWxD) 224 x 87 x 77 mm
    Weight 512 g
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