Topinst-TG 250 是一款便攜式超聲波測厚儀,設有背光液晶顯示屏,內置2合1超聲波測厚儀,使用接觸式傳感器來測量塗層和未塗層黑色和有色金屬,鋼,鋁,玻璃,塑料和其他物料的厚度。


Topinst-TG 250 is a portable ultrasonic tester or ultrasonic thickness gauge with an easy-to-read backlit LCD screen. This 2-in-1 ultrasound-based thickness meter uses a contact transducer (included) to measure the thickness of coated and uncoated ferrous and non-ferrous metal, steel, aluminum, glass, plastic and other homogeneous materials.

See accessories for replacement contact gel and ISO calibration options. 

Ultrasonic Tester TG 250

  • Measurement ranges 1 to 250 mm / 0.04 to 9.84" (steel)
    2.50 to 20 mm / 0.1 to 0.79" (coated surfaces)
    Accuracy ± 0.01 mm (steel)
    Contact transducer (included) 5 MHz frequency
    Resolution 0.01 mm (up to 100 mm)
    0.1 mm (up to 100 mm)
    Display 128 x 64 pixel, backlit LCD
    Operating temperature 0 to 50 ºC / 32 to 122 ºF
    Units of measurement mm / inch (selectable)
    Sound velocity 1000 to 9999 m/s
    Memory Stores up to 500 readings
    Power 2 x AAA batteries
    Battery level indicator When battery is low

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