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Vibratory Disc Mills are mainly used for sample preparation of spectral analysis. The device is especially suitable for fast fine grinding without loss. No matter the materials are medium hard, hard, brittle or fibrous the VM series grinder can perform sample preparation treatment in dry conditions (namely dry grinding). There are five kinds of grinding sets in material: hard steel, tungsten carbide, agate, zirconium oxide and high manganese steel, which can meet your extensive application. requirements.


Work Principle

The VM series of Vibratory Disc Mill crush sample via pressure, impact and friction. The quick-action clamping device makes the grinding set firmly attached onto the vibrating plate. Through transmission, the vibrating plate will generate drastic three dimensional vibrating so as to produce giant impacting, frictional and grinding force on the grinding set, and such forces focus on samples to make them become powder in a very short time.


Vibratory Disc Mill VM1

  • Feed size <25mm
    Final fineness <75μm
    Speed 910rpm/min
    Grinding time setting 00:00:01-99:59:59min
    Batch quantity 20-1600g
    The volume of the grinding set  500 ml,800 ml,1000 ml,2000 ml
    Grinding set material hardened steel, tungsten carbide(only 500 ml and 800 ml),agate,zirconium oxide,high manganese steel
    Rated power  2.2KW
    Power supply 380V,50Hz
    Instrument size(W*D*H) 1040*670*1300 mm
    Package size(W*D*H) 1332*1032*1620 mm
    Weight 300Kg
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