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WNM 100 whiteness meter is used to measure the whiteness of flat surfaces or powders. In particular, the whiteness meter can be used to measure the white of textile prints, dyes, building materials, cardboard and paper as well as plastics. It can also be used to measure all other surfaces. The whiteness measuring device consists of a light source and an optical measuring system, which measures the reflection of the light and thus determines the whiteness of the surface according to  ISO R457 (ISO 2469). 


The whiteness meter can be used directly after an initial calibration on the supplied white standard. A memory of up to 245 measurement data allows a logging of the measured values. The measuring device can be connected to the PC via the serial interface. This makes it possible to log live the measurement data from the whiteness meter.


- 457 nm LED lighting
- 45/0 measuring geometry
- For many surfaces and materials
- LC display
- Li-ion battery
- Serial interface

Whiteness Meter WNM 100 |白色光度檢測儀

  • Measuring range 0 ... 120
    Resolution 0.1
    Offset drift < 0.1
    Repeatability < 0.5
    Measurement geometry 45/0
    Light source LED 457 nm
    Calculation of the whiteness ISO R457 (blue light whiteness)
    Measurement area 18 x 11 mm
    Power supply Lithium ion battery
    Operating conditions 0 ... 40°C / 32 ... 104°F; <85% rh
    Weight 305 g / < 1 lb
    Dimensions 140 x 45 x 75 mm / 5.5 x 1.8 x 3 in
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