Sound Level Meter Class 1 Series

​一級噪音儀 | 合勞工署及環保署標準

ST-11D / ST-11

Class 1 Sound Level Meter ST -11D / ST-11

內置智能集成演算法,音頻測量範圍廣寬,達到27-140dB,適用於嚴格的測量工業。界面全面升級,比過往型號及同級品牌更易用及具有各種輸出選項,ST-11 / 11D可以通過遙測進行控制,並實現外部系統集成。 ST-11D中的附加數據記錄和錄音功能有助於長期數據記錄。 輕巧,便攜,而外殼及保護箱完美成型,整體尺寸縮減20%,但功能卻不減損﹐令ST-11D 在眾多產品中,以卓越的性能屹立於市場之頂端。 

ST-11 and ST-11D Sound Level Meters fully comply with the latest Class 1 IEC 61672:2013 standard. Built-in smart integrating algorithms and wide measuring range 27-140dB competent in most rigorous industrial use. 

Measures and displays Leq value. Shows Equivalent Continuous Sound Level and Sound Exposure upon the chosen time period, ideal for occupational noise measurements such as the Controls of Noise at Work Regulations or the OSHA Occupational Noise standards. Safeguard and ensure employees’ hearing and occupational safety at the front line.


ST 11D

Data Logging & Precision Recording


• 1級符合IEC-61672-2013

• 10 Hz-20k Hz頻率範圍

• 27 dB-140 dB測量範圍

• 數據記錄和記錄功能(只限於 ST-11D)

• 測量並顯示Leq值

• 長時間測量

ST-11D | Tech Specs



• IEC 61672-1:2013 Class 1 Standard
• 27-140 dB measurement range
• ±0.7 dB high accuracy
• 0.1 dB resolution
• 10-20k Hz frequency range
• A, C, Z frequency weightings
• Fast, Slow, Impulse, Peak time weightings
• RS232 Data Output / USB computer interface
• Data Logging & Record functions (ST-11D)
• Optional Class 1 Sound Level Calibrator (94/114 dB)

Road Construction


  1. 兩人相隔2米距離,需要大聲呼喊才可溝通

  2. 器材屬於勞工署的高噪音機械名單內

  3. ​在工作環境下產生耳鳴及耳壓不適

  4. 密閉空間內的高噪音環境 ( 機房、生產器械廠房)

Warehouse Restaurant

勞工署規例第3(3) 條, 噪音評估報告


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