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Laser Tilt 90

The LaserTilt90 can be used to measure and monitor settlement from a reference point or to infer vertical settlement at the tunnel crown, tunnel and mining convergence

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A wireless laser distance meter, inclinometer and data logger

  1. Wireless sensor

  2. More flexible installation options with its ±90° range and 3-axis inclination measurement

  3. Extended battery life, up to 10 years when sampling every 1 or 6 hours

  4. Provides data set average that can be used to filter noisy data

Tilt Meter SJ-705

建築物外牆或地面,安裝傾斜盤(Tilt Plate),定期量度數據,以監測建築物的結構傾度,嚴密監察建築物結構安全。

Topinst developed portable type digital tilt meter SJ-705 is applied by our developed control technology of digital sensor and turning technology for accurate and stable output. SJ-705 is single body type that include built-in battery and compensation function for easy operation in site, office, laboratory and everywhere.



  • 雙軸測量

  • 出色的輕量化及便攜式設計

  • 傳感器A, B 雙向顯示輸出和計算角度

  • 設有 Hold 靜止顯示鍵

  • 內置充電式電池

  • 機身及傳感器一體化 



一體式輕量化設計, ​重量輕量化至

~1.983 KG

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SJ 705 Tech Specs:


Job Reference 
​已採用 Tilt Meter SJ 705 的工程

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Tilt Plate 

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