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ammeter with RS-232 interface and software to analyse power consumption


The PA 6000 ammeter is a tabletop device for measuring effective power, apparent power, power factor, energy consumption, current, continuous voltage, resistance and frequency. The power meter also offers the possibility to connect industrial current converters with a transmission relation of 100/5A or 1000/5A. Its large 93 x 52mm LCD is easy to read and provides a variety of results, including Watts, cos φ, ACV and ACA. With the optional PA ADP current adaptor with ground wire (up to 16ACA) it can safely and quickly measure and analyse with the help of the ammeter. Measurement of current and power can be done directly with test cables that come with the device or indirectly using the clamps. The device has an RS-232 interface, and software to analyse results and transfer data to a computer. This makes it the ideal device for any workshop or for measuring power to determine faults in devices.

Ammeter PA 6000

  • Function Measurement range; Accuracy; Resolution
    Measurement of real power (AC, real value of power), direct measurement 1 W ... 6 kW; 1 W; ±1,5 % + 1 dgt.
    Measurement of real power (AC, real value of power), with adaptor ext. or current converter 1 W ... 999,9 kW; 1 W; ±1,5 % + 1 dgt.
    Measurement of apparent power (AC) 0.01VA to 9.999kVA; 0.01VA; ±1.5% +1 digit
    Power factor (cos φ) 0.00 to 1.00; 0.01; ±1.5% +2 digit
    KWh counter 0.001Wh to 9,999kWh; 0.001Wh; ±1% +1 digit
    ACV / DCV 0.1V to 600V; 0.1 / 1V; ±1% +1 digit
    ACA eff/rms 
    DCA eff/rms
    direct maximum 10A; 10mA, with induction head max. 1,000A;1A; ±1% +1 digit
    ACA with clamps up to 2,000A (depending on clamps)
    Frequency 10.0 to 999Hz; 0.1Hz; 1% +1 digit
    Ohms 1 Ω to 19.99kΩ; 1 / 10 Ω; ±1% +1 digit
    Display 93 x 52mm multi functional LCD
    Operating conditions max. 80% r.h. / 0 to 50°C / 32 to 122°F
    Power 6 AA batteries or mains adaptor
    Dimensions 280 x 210 x 90 mm / 11 x 8.2 x 3.5 in
    Weight 1,600 g / 56.4 oz
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