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EHM-X100 Atmospheric Heavy Metal Online Analyzer

Integrated with the Skyray’s patented X fluorescence (XRF) non-destructive testing technology and the atmospheric auto-enrichment technology, meeting American EPA IO-3.3 standard, atmospheric heavy metal online analyzer adopts the unique X-ray excitation source, sample excitation structure, detection system, auto-enrichment, automatic roll system and other core technologies to greatly improve the detection sensitivity for the air particles heavy metals , capable of detecting the low levels of heavy metals ,e.g. lead, cadmium, chromium, arsenic, etc., it can also realize the unattended long-time (1~3 months) auto-monitoring.


At present, the instrument has been sent to Kunshan environmental monitoring station,Suzhou Environmental Monitoring Center, Jiangsu Environmental Monitoring Center and China National Environmental Monitoring Center for environmental verification according to the agreed test plan;meanwhile, we have signed an Alliance Agreement with French ARIA company specialized in environmental technology to promote the heavy metal monitoring system worldwide.

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