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  Adhesion Tester  


Adhesion testers measure the tractive force that is required to detach a certain coating field from the substrate. This force applied by the adhesion tester is very large. For the measurement of the peel force or adhesiveness the nature of the surface plays a significant role. Due to the possibility of self-alignment of the various measuring heads the irregularities of the surface are compensated. | Adhesion testers HK

The tractive force is indicated on the display of the adhesion tester in MPa or psi and thus, can give some information about the adhesive force to the substrate material. In addition, the adhesion testers are equipped with a pull speed display to ensure the implementation of the test in accordance with ISO / AST standards. The adhesion testers are used for the input and output control, the production as well as in the field of research and development. The adhesion tester is designed as a water splash-proof, dust-proof and vibration protected device.

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