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Cross Cut Adhesion Tester is designed to comply with: ISO 16276-2, ISO 2409, DIN 53151, ASTM B 335, ASTM D 3002, BS 3900-E6, BS EN ISO 2409, NF T 30-038.
Cross Cut Adhesion Tester AN-2409 is designed for cuts (parallel or lattice) adhesion testing method , and for thickness range of paint coatings up to 200 µs, according to ISO 2409, ISO 16276-2, ASTM B 3359. Device can be used on both flat and curved surfaces.

The method of parallel or lattice cuts is consist of assessing the adhesion value while cutting through the coating down to the substrate by a multi-blade knife with the distance between the blades 1 mm, 2 mm or 3 mm which produces a strip or grating with the same pitch. Than the place of cutting is to be cleaned and visually analysed the value of adhesion by the nature and the area of destruction of the coating.
Structurally Cross Cut Adhesion Tester AN-2409 is consist of plastic handle and metal head for fastening multiblade knife, which is made of tool steel. Each knife has six main and two restrictive blades. User can sharpen blunted blades.



  • Simplicity
  • Usability
  • Reliability
  • Durability

Cross Cut Adhesion Tester AN-2409

  • Number of cutters 3
    Pitch between working blades, mm 1, 2, 3 (other cutters optional)
    Number of working blades 6
    Thickness range of coatings, µs <60 with pitch 1 mm; 60-120 with pitch 2 mm; 120-200 with pitch 3 mm.
    Points identification and evaluation of adhesion 0-5 (for ISO 2409, ISO 16276-2, ASTM D3359)
    Instrument dimensions, no more, mm 170х50х50


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