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A vibration analyzer is used for testing and inspection in manufacturing production facilities, product development laboratories, construction sites and more. A vibration analyzer can measure vibrations and oscillations in machines and installations as well as in tools or components. A vibration analyzer also is used to assess a machine's axis of rotation. If there is rotating unbalance, the rotor may be exchanged during a scheduled downtime of the machine.

Measurements obtained by a vibration analyzer typically identify parameters of vibration acceleration, vibration velocity and vibration displacement. In this way, vibration is recorded with great precision. Portable vibration analyzer devices provide accuracy and mobility, allowing for vibration measurements to be taken effectively and conveniently in the field. Many vibration analyzer products feature memories for storing vibration measurment data for further analysis.

我們擁有豐富的測量經驗,提供不同類型的震動儀,確保工程對週邊建築物的安全及穩定,配備3D 感應儀監測地面、隧道、樓宇、結構及裝置所受到的震動等影響,當測量數值超過安全水平,儀器會實時透過SMS 通知監測人員,提供安全監測。

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