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 Oxygen Meter 

BOD Oxygen Meter OxiDirect

The BOD meter OxiDirect is a device that is designed to determine the biochemical oxygen demand, called B.O.D. By means of the BOD meter the samples can be taken without further ado, and the BOD values are displayed in real-time speed, precisely in mg/l. Each BOD meter features, depending on the edition, six or twelve sample containers. The handling of the BOD meter is very comfortable and the measurement period is selectable for a period of 1 to 28 days. The amount of oxygen expended for the catabolism of organic substance in water samples is called the biochemical oxygen demand. By measuring the BOD, biodegradable substances in water can be determined as well. Therefore the BOD is an important factor to determine the effect of industrial waste and that from private household on the water quality in sewage treatment plants and their receiving waters. The BOD meter OxiDirect allows an exact and comfortable determination of the BOD, following the respirometric principle. Therefore the amount of oxygen that is already metabolized, can be calculated by recording the pressure reduction inside the sealed BOD meter. Due to the fact that the BOD value of the sample correlates with its pollution by organic substances, and by that the value might vary, the BOD meter is customized for the sample volumes listed below, depending on their measurement range. This  results in a total measurement range of 0 ... 4,000 mg/l. The BOD meter can be applied on sewage, for determining biological activity rates, on clarification plants, analytic laboratories, in research and development.

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