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At Topinsy you will find a megohmmeter for a variety of ranges between 50 mega ohms and 2000 mega ohms. This portable manualmegohmmeter is used for determining insulation resistance, continuous current, alternating current and testing. With our megohmmeter, measurements can be taken for different voltages. 

There is a megohmmeter for a variety of ranges between 50 mega ohms and 2000 mega ohms, beginning with 100V up to 10,000V. Measurements meet the DIN VDE 0413 part 1 standard. The megohmmeter comes with a test mechanism, clips, batteries and a carrying case. 

The megohmmeter can be equipped for test laboratories if an optional DIN EN ISO is acquired. Measurement of insulation in cables and motor coils is vitally important for the prevention of accidents and damage to installations and is obligatory according to most codes of conduct. 

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