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A colorimeter is a valuable color-measuring tool used by manufacturers, printers, painters, designers and quality control professionals. Colorimeters ensure accurate, consistent color, eliminating issues related to color subjectivity. Depending on the model, Tops Instruments colorimeter products can measure colors in different color spaces such as CIE LAB, XYZ, LCh, RGB and LUV. The most popular colorimeter models in our range of color-reading products are the CSM series colorimeters. Aside from being easy to use and economical, the CSM series colorimeters offer high degrees of accuracy.

色彩測量工具,供不同產品製造商,印刷商,設計及質量控制人員使用。透過色度計可確保產品呈現一致性色彩,消除色差的相關問題。 根據不同型號,Tops 色彩分析儀產品可以測量 Pantone Color,CIE LAB,XYZ,LCh,RGB和LUV等空間色域。

我們的色彩儀的系列中,最受歡迎的色度計型號是CSM系列色度計。 除了易於使用和及價格相宜外,CSM系列色度計還具有高精度表現。

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