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 Timber Moisture  Meter  


At Topinst Instruments you will find a diverse Timber Moisture Meter range to determine absolute moisture in different wood types. With the help ofthe Timber Moisture Meter you can measure moisture with a high accuracy in rolled products, forestry wood, slats, beams, plywood, panels, conglomerates, main beams, window frames, etc. 

A Timber Moisture Meter can either be destructive or non-destructive depending on the use that is required. The Timber Moisture Meter is characterised by the measuring principle and the moisture sensors that can be adapted to it. 

Depending on the model, the Timber Moisture Meter has special characteristics such as an automatic compensation of temperature. Data can also be stored and transferred to a PC or portable computer or characteristic curves can be programmed for specific wood types (only with the FMD model). 

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