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The Timber Moisture Meter HM-BP1 meter has been developed to measure moisture in wood pellets quickly and accurately. The use of the Timber Moisture Meter for wood pellets is important for using only wood pellets which burn with low emissions (soot-free) in addition their high calorific value (type of wood). Therefore you can save on maintenance costs. The measurement method used in the Timber Moisture Meter is a non-selective process, this means that there is no difference if you use a pure sort of pellets (only consist of one type of wood) or mixture (consist of several types of wood). The Timber Moisture Meter enables an acquisition of moisture within seconds (without long-winded preparation of sample material). The pellets temperature will be compensated automatically during measurement. Our technicians and engineers will gladly give you advice on this professional Timber Moisture Meter and all other products in the field of measuring instruments, regulation and control and scales.

Timber Moisture Meter HM-BP1

    1. Robust and stainless casing
    2. Automatic temperature compensation
    3. Sample material temperature measurement
    4. Temperature switchable between °C and °F
    5. Interference-free measurement method
    6. Hold function
    7. Manual measurement value memory for 10,000 values
    8. Extensive illuminated LCD-display
    9. Plastic case, measuring cup and batteries
    10. Measurement result within seconds
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