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 Wind Speed Meter 

Wind Pro 風速監測儀,全自動遠端連線,風速計及數據接收器自動連結,實現真正無線儀器設備。

Here you will find wind speed meter for the measurement of air velocity and air pressure. According to the type of application, the wind speedmeter is made as a hot wire wind-meter or a pocket weather wind speed meter, both of which can measure air velocity and air pressure.

The measurement results can be stored in the memory of the wind speed meter (depending on the model). The wind speed meter is ideal for taking quick or constant measurements. The pocket-sized wind speed meter is implemented as hot-wire wind meter, vane wind speed meter, cup wind meter or portable, waterproof wind speed meter depending on the particular application. With the wind speed meter the performance of air-conditioning systems as well as ventilation systems can be monitored.

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