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 WBGT 黑球溫度計 




Wet Bulb Globe Temperature (WBGT)

香港夏天環境高熱而潮濕,戶外體力勞動工作的工友容易處於中暑狀態,要將中暑風險數據化,可利用 Scarlet TWL-1S 測量 (TWL) 暑熱指數。 暑熱指數測量根據自然濕球溫度(Tnw)、黑球溫度(Tg)和乾球溫度(Ta)綜合計算出來 以制定休息時段和補充水份提示。TWL-1S 根據最新指南整合了 TWL 和作息時間表的方法,顯示不同的顏色的畫面訊號,紅色表示需要按時休息及補充水份,黃色表示中暑風險為中度,綠色表示工作安全。



Road Construction

Smart User-Friendly Interface

Meters were supposed to sense the targets and give readings. Scarlet intends to do more. TWL theory determines the threshold for safe, fair, and dangerous working environment. Colorful LCD backlight tells you the risk level based on the TWL value. Work-rest schedule and fluid intake are integrated into the display. A countdown timer shows the time remaining before a recommended rest.


Automatic Warning (TWL-1SR Model)

The working timer starts counting according to TWL value. When it expired, the device will notify the pager carriers remotely. It reminds you to take actions. 433 MHz technology is used to offer better penetration ability and 200 meter coverage in an open area is achieved. Please note that pager is available in TWL-1SR model.


不同環境或性質的工作,如坐著、搬運或爬梯等,會有不同的新陳代謝率。ISO 7243按照不同程度的新陳代謝率,推薦工作環境不超過一定的暑熱壓力指數值。如間歇處理重物,新陳代謝率約為130至200,如工作人員未適應熱度,則推薦暑熱壓力指數不超過26℃;如已適應,則推薦暑熱壓力指數不超過28℃。

Tech Specs

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