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Storm Clouds

  Lightning Detector   



The lightning detector is the newest high technology weather monitoring product available anywhere in the world. It is a hand-held instrument with an electronic system to detect the presence of lightning/thunderstorm activity occurring within 40 miles of your location.


It uses patented technology (Full digital microprocessor insuring accuracy and reliability) to determine the distance to the detected stroke.


The distances are indicated in four ranges:


0-3 miles (0-5 km)


3-8 miles (5-13 km)


8-20 miles (13-32 km) 


20-40 miles (32-64 km)

 SkyScan Lightning  | 雷暴探測器

Since this SkyScan lightning detector allows you to know the level of activity of the storm, it determines if it is moving towards, away or parallel to your position. Each time the SkyScan P5-3 portable lightning detector detects a lightning stroke, it emits an audible warning tone (if this feature has been turned on by the user) and lights the Range Indicator column. The full column stays lit for approximately 3 seconds. This feature allows you to see the distance to the last, closest, detected stroke without waiting for the SkyScan detector to detect a new stroke


 # Lightning Thunderstorm 雷暴探測器 雷電 暴雨 閃電


Lightning Detector Features:

Dimensions: 6″x3″x1″


Weight apprx. 1lb.

Accuracy: State-of-the-art electronics and full digital microprocessor insures accuracy and reliability.

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