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 Air Sampler 


The air sampler of Topinst is used for microbiological examination of the air during the inspection of the microbiological contamination indoors in all rooms under the experts’ supervision and in biology, in clean rooms in the pharmaceutical industry, in hygienically sensitive production areas and equipment in the food industry and its suppliers, in medical environments with higher requirements or also in hygiene tests of air conditioning systems (HVAC).

The particle collector absorbs a defined volume of air that is directed to various growth media for cultivation. The microbial components of the air sample are qualitatively and quantitatively analyzed. In addition, the relevant types or kinds of the present molds are determined.

空氣監測儀(採樣器)廣泛用於工程、地底渠務、食物生產及實驗室等,主要測量氣體主要如 PM 2.5 / 10, VOC , HCHO, CO , 易燃氣體偵測等。我們供應手持式及24小時監控模組,提供多元化探測模式供客戶選擇。

懸浮顆粒或稱懸浮微粒(particulate matter (PM))、大氣懸浮微粒、顆粒,泛指懸浮在空氣中的固體顆粒或液滴,顆粒微小甚至肉眼難以辨識但仍有尺度的差異。許多研究已證實懸浮微粒會對呼吸系統和心血管系統造成傷害,導致氣喘、肺癌、心血管疾病、出生缺陷和過早死亡。母親懷孕期間的高PM2.5暴露也被證明和孩子的血壓升高相關




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