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We offer a manometer to determine absolute pressure, negative pressure or differential pressure in air and liquids. Every manometer is controlled by micro processors to guarantee the highest accuracy. The manometer displays results quickly and has an enclosure which is resistant to dust and water splash making the device perfect for research and development. Multiple measurement ranges are available allowing you to find a manometer that is just right for you.

Manometer is used to determine absolute pressure (excess and negative) relative pressure for air, gases and/or liquids. When a measurement for absolute pressure is taken in a closed system, consideration must be given to the absolute pressure outside the system being measured, so choose the manometers that best suits this purpose. Manometers measure pressure, be that absolute on relative in gases or fluids, they are also known as pressure meters. Most of the devices available use a measure of 1 atmospheric pressure as a reference value however some use a vacuum.

我們提供水壓錶來測量空氣和液體中的絕對壓力(負壓或壓差)。每個壓力計由微處理器控制,以確保最高測量的精度。壓力計快速顯示結果,並具有防塵和防水的設計,令設備水壓錶適用於多類型工程,您可以在 Topinst 找到適合您的壓力計。 壓力計用於確定空氣,氣體和/或液體的絕對壓力(過量和負)相對壓力。

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