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The analogue Manometer Typ-A offers the possibility of capturing absolute pressures of liquids and all non-corrosive / non-explosive gases between -1 bar and +600 bar (depending on model) in pressure systems. The analogue Manometer offers simple and intuitive handling. The analogue Manometer simply screws into the Manometer and the measured value read on the analogue dial gauge. The analogue gauge of the analogue Manometer allows even non-precise measurements of absolute pressure. The impact-resistant and rugged stainless steel housing of the analogue Manometer allows use even in harsh conditions, such as in workshops or in industry. The purely mechanical measuring principle of the analogue Manometer minimises tedious and time-consuming maintenance cost factors, so efficiency is increased with the analogue Manometer.

    Manometer Typ-A-4

    • Technical Data of Analogue Manometer
      Model Measuring range Resolution
      Analogue-Manometer Typ-A-4 0 ... +4 bar 0.05 bar
      Accuracy ±0.6 % v.E.
      Pressure medium Liquids and non-corrosive / explosive gases
      Pressure unit bar
      Pressure port G¼" male thread
      Housing Stainless Steel, Ø100 mm
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