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 Gloss Meter                   


Gloss Meter

​GM 60


光澤度是一種光學特性, 呈現物件表面對光的反射能力. 油漆與塗裝業常以0-100GU(Gloss Unit, 光澤度單位)表示. 這是將"標準黑片"反射值1567定義為100 GU, 並非光澤度的百分比值(這是錯誤觀念). 拋光, 鏡面處理的光澤度會超過此值, 需使用2000 GU高範圍光澤度計檢測.  汽車烤漆, 汽車美容, 表面塗佈, 陽極處理, 金屬研磨, 表面加工, 印刷, 塑膠, 油漆廠, 品管檢測, 稽核人員, 研究開發均極為適用. 

中光澤: 先以60度測角之光澤度計開始檢測, 若讀值介於10-70 GU之間, 代表正常
低光澤: 若60度光澤度計之讀值<10 GU, 屬於低光澤樣本, 必須改用85度測角之光澤計作檢測
高光澤: 若60度光澤度計之值>70 GU, 屬於高光澤樣本, 必須改用20度測角之光澤計作檢測

A glossy package adds perceived value to a product. In fact, it has been shown that the gloss level of a product has as much psychological impact on a consumer as its color. However, on food packaging, gloss does more than just maximize customer appeal. Gloss plays a vital role in ensuring consumer safety. For example, if the gloss level of an ultraviolet varnish drops during the production of food product packaging, there could be curing problems. Poorly cured inks, paints and coatings can rub, chip and flake off of the packaging to contaminate the food within. But, by monitoring food packaging gloss levels during production, problems such as these can be detected early to avoid the cost of recoating or recalling.

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