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for determining gloss and specular gloss with measurement
 points of 20º, 60º and 85º (selectable)

The PCE-GM 100 gloss meter is used for measuring flat surfaces and operates on the principles of refraction. Its solid design and the practical dimensions of the gloss meter makes it perfect for measuring in situ and in production facilities. Calibrations are done easily using the calibration standard that comes included with the device. An optional ISO laboratory calibration and certification can be acquired. Thanks to the three measurement points, the device is ideal for almost all surfaces. It very easy to use.

Gloss Meter GM 100

  • Technical specifications
    Measurement range 0.0 to 200 gloss units
    Resolution 0.1 gloss units
    Accuracy ±1.2 gloss units
    Repeatability ±0.4 gloss units
    Calibration / recalibration automatic using a standard which comes included
    Type of light A
    Measurement points selectable from 20º, 60º to 85º
    Dimensions of calibration standard 95 x 40mm
    Display 10mm high LCD
    Detector silicon photodiode
    Measurement surface 11 x 54mm
    Operating conditions 0 to 40ºC / 85% r.h.
    Power 1.5V battery
    Dimensions 145 x 38 x 80mm
    Weight 330g
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