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* 吊船工作安全指引:  可承受每秒 14 米的持續風速 / 強達每秒 31 米的陣風。

**天秤工作安全指引 : 風速超過每小時62公里,立即停止吊秤工作。


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WR 3 adopts 433/868/900 MHz wireless technology to ensure better performance for barrier penetration and achieving long range transmission. The sensors start sending data when wind cups revolve. The sensor will go to sleep mode when wind cups stop revolving for more than 6 hours. Data transmit rate: every 2 seconds.

The ultra-long 400 meter transmission distance makes WR-3 a perfect gadget to help you monitor wind speed on crane and prevent from high wind risks.


Cable Free

Get rid of traditional cable-type anemometer. Avoid possible risks from machine operation. Scarlet WR-3 anemometer gives users a wireless wind monitoring solution.


Long Life

4-year battery life of wind speed sensor in all weather conditions. The sensor is designed to use in rigid environments such as dessert, 


Stay Alert

Never worries about high wind. Develop a safer working environment. WR-3 Anemometer sends automatic high-volume alarms based on user settings.

Wireless Long Range Anemometer WR-3 / WR 3

    • Alarm at exceeded wind speed
    • Rigid sensor form fact
    • Up to 4 years sensor battery life
    • Up to 400 meter long range transmission
    • Shock resistant receiver
    • Sunlight readable large digits LCD display
    • Replaceable wind cups


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