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* 吊船工作安全指引:  可承受每秒 14 米的持續風速 / 強達每秒 31 米的陣風。

**天秤工作安全指引 : 風速超過每小時62公里,立即停止吊秤工作。


採用雲端技術,即時將數據傳送到伺服器,用戶可透過 IOS 及 Android App 監測風向、風速等數據。


Video Tutorial : 

WL410 SMS Version Introduction

WL410 SMS Version | Connect to PC

Software Download


WL-410/XB Wireless Wind Alarm System consists of a wind speed sensor and a receiver. The sensor measures wind speed and transmit data to the receiver. The 3.5-inch LCD display of receiver shows readings on the main page and the history graphs are shown in different pages. Based on the preset values, the receiver can trigger local alarms such as LED lights and buzzer, or trigger external indication via 3 built-in relays when measured wind speeds exceeding the thresholds. The volume of alarm is adjustable from 85 to 90 dB. The latest model WL-410XB - which has sensor with higher, +14dB power for longer transmission (1300m). W410XB has also added Bluetooth connectivity between receiver unit and smartphone. Users can install the App to monitor wind speed on their smartphone and pair to multiple smartphones.

Scarlet WL-410 System

    • Long range transmission distance. Up to 500 m (410XB up to 1300 m)
    • Extremely easy mounting due to the essence of wireless and magnetic & self-leveling mounting
    • 4 years sensor battery life.
    • Integrated alarm & pre-alarm warning lights
    • Build in audible alarm
    • 3 programmable alarm relay outputs
    • Backlighted graphic LCD with large digits
    • Bluetooth 4.0 in WL-410XB transmit measured data to smartphone.
    • Free App for iOS and Android phone tablet
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