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A capacitive Timber Moisture Meter is a device with direct reading of percentage humidity. The capacitive Timber Moisture Meter in fact, the ideal machine for both professionals and amateurs alike. It can be used to indicate the humidity of the material “u” (related to dry mass) or the water content “w” (related to the total wet mass). The measurement is done on a measuring cell located on the back of the capacitive Timber Moisture Meter. The switch on the side changes the depth of the measurement. By measuring at different depths it is possible to ascertain if the material is drying or if it is surface humidity. For further information about the Capacitive Timber Moisture Meter GMK 100, please read the following technical data.

Timber Moisture Meter GMK 100

  • Measurement depth 10 and 25 mm
    Screen Characteristic curve and measurement value (backlight)
    Visual moisture evaluation Humidity evaluation at 6 levels of WET until DRY
    Acoustic moisture evaluation Acoustic signal
    Characteristic curves 18 characteristic curves of material for wood (extensive table) and common construction materials; additional characteristic curve for (rEF) for relative measurements of high resolution
    Operating temperature -25 ... +50 °C
    Storage temperature -25 ... +70 °C
    Power Supply 9 V battery
    Current at measurement approx. 0,12 mA
    Current while lit approx. 2,5 mA (disconnects automatically)
    Features Change battery alert
    Disconnects automatically, Hold
    Casing ABS, break resistant
    Type of protection IP 65 front panel
    Dimensions approx. 106 x 67 x 30 mm
    Weight approx. 145 g
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