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The IT413 Megohmmeter belong to a series of highly accurate resistance devices that have a 6 digit display. These Megohmmeters have been developed specifically for technical service and for difficult measurement conditions. One of the advantages is the built in protection to avoid errors originating from loss of current. The Megohmmeter contains a microprocessor and both optical and visual alarms. Factory calibration ensures the most accurate measurements with this series of Megohmmeters.

Megohmmeter IT413

  • Model     PCE-IT413           
    DC test tension 500 / 1,000 / 
    2,500 / 5,000V
    Range of measurement 30 GΩ / 500V
    60 GΩ / 1,000V
    150 GΩ / 2,500V
    300 GΩ / 5,000V
    Accuracy ±3%