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SKY3000 series is a high-performance portable gas detector that can detect multiple gases (Oxygen compounds VOC, combustible gas and toxic gas) at the same time and has man down alarm function. The device has humanized operation functions such as one-key storage, automatic image ipping, as well as the man down alarm function; With optional Bluetooth transmission function, allowing safety personnel to obtain real-time data and the alarm status.

It has obtained international IECEX, ATEX explosion-proof certication and
Chinese explosion-proof certication; As it passed the antistatic test, and the
protection level reaches IP67; With safer product design and the module
design which makes the detection faster, and the compact ergonomic design makes the device easy carrying; The instrument is mainly working in suctionmode.

The explosion-proof Grade of the SKY3000 series is Ex ia IIC T4 Ga, which is
applicable to the explosive gas mixture zone 0, zone 1, and zone 2 of the
factory with grades IIA , IIB , and IIC and temperature group T1~T4.

SKY3000 | Portable gas detector

  • Sampling method pump suction type
    Gas type See Below gas options
    Measure range See Below gas options
    Resolution See Below gas options
    Response time ≤30 seconds
    Precsiion ≤±2%F.S  except for special gases
    Language Chinese/English/Russia
    Automatically test and calibrate after power-on Including reset, maximum value (MAX), minimum value (MIN), STEL, TWA value
    Unit PPM and mg/m³ can be switched and displayed by one key, and the concentration value is automatically converted by the system
  • Disaply monochrome graphics (160 x96) ,screen can be automatically flipped
    Backlight The backlight time can be manually set, and will be turned on automatically when an alarm is issued
    Data record Can store 100,000 sets data, the storage interval is adjustable from 5 to 3600 seconds, data can be exported, with data cable
    Alarm 95dB buzzer (@30cm), vibration alarm and flashing red LED and alarm status indication on the screen, alarm latched; diagnostic alarm and battery undervoltage alarm, pump block alarm; man down alarm, with early warning and optional real-time remote Bluetooth notification function
    Battery 3.7V rechargeable lithium battery, battery capacity 2200mA
    Working hours More than 15 hours in continuous pumping mode
    Charger Travel charger with DC interface, charging time ≥ 4 hours
    Explosion-proof grade IECEX/ATEX(II IG Ex ia IIC T4
    CNEX:Ex ia IIC T4 Ga
    (EU regulations)
    Protection grade IP67
    Working temperature -20℃~+50℃
    Humidity 0~90%RH(no condensation)
    Environmental pressure 86~106Kpa
    Size 157*84.5*59.5mm (including back clip/water trap filter) (length * width * height)
    Weight 365g (including battery, belt clip and filter)
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