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The Adhesion Tester CRC 10 was designed to determine the quality of the adhesion of coatings. The Adhesion Tester is suitable for thin, thick or tough coatings on all surfaces. Since the adherence of paintings and other coatings is a crucial product and quality characteristic for their protective effect, adhesion testers are used in a wide range of industries. The adhesion test with the Adhesion Tester is very quick and easy to perform. The coating is scratched crosswise and thereby divided into chessboard-like segments. The large, non-slip grip and movable probe help to create a secure fitting without tilting. Then an adhesive tape is applied and removed again. Based on the numbers of broken segments, the adhesive strength is determined. The Adhesion Tester CRC 10 is supplied with a 11-edged blade; other versions are available as an option.

Adhesion Tester CRC 10

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