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Adhesion Tester AT measures traction force that will be necessary to remove a defined area of a coating from a subsurface. Surface condition of the testing material is of significance regarding measurement of extraction force or adherence. Owing to the opportunity of self-alignment of the several measurement heads unevenness of surface will be compensated. Traction force will be shown on the LC display and can therefore give information about adherence to substrate material. Additionally, the adhesion tester has a traction velocity display to guarantee realization of testing according to ISO / AST standardization. Tester can be used in fields like input and output control, production as well as research and development. The adhesion tester is splash-water resistant, dust resistant and protected against vibration. Hydraulic hand operated pump allows application in almost every position. A special advantage is internal measurement value memory, for instance, if the adhesion tester wil

Adhesion Tester AT

  • Technical Specification


    Measuring ranges

    0 ... 20 MPa (0 ... 3000 psi)


    0.01 MPa (1 psi)


    ± 1 % (full measuring range)

    Measuring area

    aluminium testing heads with a diameter
    of 20 mm are included in delivery (other heads
    with diameter of 50 mm are optional available)


    tester for adherence can be used on every
    material surface. Prerequisite is a certain


    internal, for 200 measurements (besides
    respective measurement value of maximum
    adherence diameter of used measuring heads
    measurement duration and traction force will
    saved in tester for adherence



    Software + data cable

    yes, optional equipment


    LC display

    Environmental conditions

    0 ... +50 ºC / 0 ... 80 % humidity

    Power supply

    2 x AAA battery


    40 x 20 x 15 cm 


    5.5 kg


    ASTM D4541, ISO 4624

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