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The Ozone Meter AQ-200 is a highly accurate instrument for measuring ozone concentrations in the air. The Ozone Meter can be equipped with four different heads that vary in their measurement range. Furthermore, the ozone tester has sensor heads for other gases available, which are automatically recognized whenplugged intothe device. Thus, you can use the ozone tester in many different areas. The possibilities of the ozone tester extend the use of ozone in your processes for bleaching oils, greases, wax, paper, synthetic fibers, cellulose or textiles,within the paper, textile, or lubricant productionindustries. Another field of application for the Ozone Meter is in cleaning, disinfection and sterilisation of swimming pools, water treatment facilities or after fire damage or water damage. With a head for lower measurements of up to 0.150 ppm, you can measure ozone concentrations that have a negative effect on the mental state ofhumans. Thanks to the leading GSS technology of the sensors, the Ozone Meter has not only a high precision, and a long lifespan of the sensors. The unique possibility to refresh the sensors makes their maintenance more economical than the maintenance of other types of sensors. Depending on the model, the measured concentrations may be written to the internal memoryof theOzoneMeter via an analog interface with a 0 ... 5 V output, or theoutput is transferred via a USB interface to a PC. Similarly, a remote kit is available as an option, allowing the OzoneMeter to take measurements in a secure room while the sensor is connected via cable to the OzoneMeter. The measured concentrations are displayed in ppm or mg / m³ on the LCD display.

Ozone Meter AQ-200

  • Measurement units ppm or mg/m³
    Functions Max, Min, average, average 15 min
    Sensor head removable / replaceable
    Display status indicator Battery, sensor, standby
    Calibration function Zero calibration
    Model 200, 300 and 500 Series
    Power supply 12 V DC
    Rechargeable battery Lithium-Polymer 12 V DC / 2700 mAh
    Charger 12.6 V 2 A
    Charging voltage 12,6 V
    Charging time 2 ... 3 hours
    Lifecycle > 500 charges
    Housing PC & ABS / IP20 & NEMA 1
    Dimensions (incl. opt. sensorsavailable) 195 x 122 x 54 mm
    Weight < 460 g (with battery)
    Approvals EN 50082-1: 1997, EN 50081-1: 1992, CE
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