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The ozone meter / transmitter AQ-FM S900 is used to measure and control gas concentrations, and can communicate with a variety of hardware systems. The transmitter can also be used as switching relays with user-set values, as 4- 20 mA gas transmitter and it can communicatewith a networkvia the RS485 interface. Changing sensor heads is quick and easy, no configuration changes required. Calibration certificate included.

Base AQ-FM S900

  • Power supply Regulates 12V, 800 mA
    Analog output 4-20 mA (optional isolated), 10-30V
    Externalsignal Transistor output
    External control signal Min.- Max. Alarm,control and diagnostics
    Energy supply Standby switch
    Interface RS485
    Jumper J1, J2, J3 Terminal resistance
    Connector Screwed
    ID 1 Standard -
    Customer configurations from 1 to 255
    Alarm thresholds Customer configurable
    Control of the switching points Customer configurable
    Sensor head Removable, interchangeable and reprocessed
    Scanning Active sampling by internal blower
    Temperature and humidity sensor Measuring range temp.: -40°C... 124°C
    Measuring range air humidiy: 0... 100% rH
    Software Configuration via the included software
    PC Data Logging & Networking CD optional - Article-No.: R60
    USB Connection optional - RS485 to USB Adapter: R53
    Power supply optional - 12V DC DIN mounting rail
    100-250V AC R37
    Included housing Polycarbonate equivalent IP20 and NEMA 1
    Size with base unit 64 x 130 Ø (mm); 2½ x 5 1/8 Ø (in)
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