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The closing force measuring device is an electronic measuring device for rail vehicle doors. The elaborate design combines precision with practical robustness and ensures accurate measured values even after years of use in harsh environments.

For cyclic measurements on vehicles with multiple doors, a quick and easy implementation is of great importance. For this purpose, software was developed for the clamping force measuring device, which drastically reduces the measurement process and the effort involved in documentation. With just a few operating steps, the measurements of a complete vehicle can be taken over, evaluated in tabular or graphic form and then printed out as a report.


- Applicable standards DIN EN 14752:2015, DIN EN 14752:2005 (optional)
- Precise measurements
- Robust design
- Ease of use - One button operation or remote control via - Microsoft® DLL
   Interface or National Instruments® LabView library
- Professional PC software PinchPilot
- Spacers for all opening widths according to EN 14752:2015
- Automatic limit value setting by distance detection
- Complete scope of delivery of all components in a high-quality transport case
- Support for the management of large fleets

Closing Force BIA 600 for rail vehicle doors

  • IA600  
    Application of force on both sides
    Measuring range 0 ... 700 N
    Accuracy +/– 3 N (0–100 N)
      +/– 3 % (>100 N)
    Spring rate 10 N/mm
    Opening width 90 mm / 3.5"
    Area 100 x 100 mm / 3.9 x 3.9"
    Force sensor DMS bridge
    Dimensions 320 x 250 x 110 mm / 12.5 x 9.8 x 4.3"
    Weight 3.0kg / 6.6 lb
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