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The coating thickness gauge Pocket-Surfix Series is a portable measurement device for non-destructive, fast, professional and precise coating thickness measurement. Thecoating thickness gauge Pocket-Surfix Series measures the thickness of paint, coatings and galvanizing on iron / steel and varnish, paint and anodizing coatings on non-ferrous metals and stainless steels.

Coating Thickness Gauge Pocket-Surfix Series

    1. Measuring range: 0 - 1500μm
    2. Accuracy: ± (1 mils + 1% of reading)
    3. Resolution: 0.1 micron or <0.2% of measured value
    4. Magnetic induction principle (F-Mode) for ferrous metals Eddy-current principle (N-Mode) for non-ferrous metals FN-Mode for all metals. 
    5. 6 Models:
    6. Surfix® FN (10808)
    7. Surfix® FN basic (10855)
    8. Surfix® F (10809)
    9. Surfix® F basic (10854)
    10. Surfix® N (10810)
    11. Surfix® N basic (10856)
    12. Basic: without memory, statistics, limit values, IR-interface 
    13. Gauge with integrated probe, calibration foil, zero plate, 2 AAA batteries, carrying pouch, manual and manufacturer’s certificate. FN has 2 foils and calibration plates  
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