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The concrete moisture meter has a measuring range of 0.0…. 100.0%. For a measurement, the ball head is positioned on the test object by the moisture meter. This guarantees a non-destructive measurement with the moisture meter. The moisture meter is therefore used, for example, for on-site inspections of buildings, wood and other surfaces.

A connection can be established with the concrete moisture meter via the free app. As soon as a connection has been established, the current measured value is displayed by the moisture meter. The recorded data can be exported as .csv and .pdf after a measurement. This means that the data measured by the moisture meter can be processed further.

- For moisture determination
- Measuring range 0.0 ... 100.0%
- Free Android and iOS app
- Bluetooth interface
- Small and compact design
- Universally applicable

Concrete Moisture Meter PMI 1BT

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