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PCM1 Digital multimeter is a multiple-use device to measure both absorbed power and energy consumption. Apart from measuring alternating current and voltage, the PCM1 Digital multimeter can determine current absorbed power in single and three-phase networks, as well as the energy consumption (kWh) in single-phase networks. Both phase angle and power factor are shown in its large backlight display. The PCM1 Digital multimeter allows the user for a quick and easy valuation of absorbed power as well as the energy consumption in machines and installations. The compact dimensions and the robust case allows for the PCM1 to be used in situ or as a mobile device. Single values can be stored in the internal memory of the PCM1 Digital multimeter for further analysis. The PCM1 Digital multimeter also integrates a USB port for real time data transference to a PC, where such data is represented as a chart or graphic.

Digital Multimeter PCM 1