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Uplift pressure measuring device consists of a perforated/non-perforated pipe of 50 mm dia of adequate strength. The pipe is inserted in a drilled hole in the foundation from the instrumentation gallery to the required depth. To the other end of the pipe in the gallery model EPU-20Vuplift pressure sensor is connected.



  1. Reliable, accurate, economical and simple to read.
  2. Protected against lightning spikes.
  3. Easy installation in standpipes, pressure vessels. Ideal for underground work.
  4. Hermetically sealed under a vacuum of 0.001 Torr. Stainless steel construction.
  5. Thermistor provided for temperature measurement
  6. Transmission of signal as a frequency over long wire lengths
  7.  Bourdon gage option available

Electrical Uplift Pressure Sensor EPU-20V

  • Range (MPa) 0.2, 0.35, 0.5, 1.0, specify

    ± 0.25 % fs normal

    ± 0.1 % fs optional

    Non linearity ± 0.5 % fs
    Resolution 0.025% fs
    Over range limit 150 % of range
    Temperature limit -20°C to 80°C
    Thermistor YSI 44005 or equivalent
    Dimension (dia x L) 42 x 210 mm
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