The DFG 500 is a digital Force Gauge for traction and compression force measurements up to 500 N. The digital Force Gauge provides a high resolution of 0.05 N, allowing very precise measurements. The measured values are shown on the large, backlit display. This display can be rotated 180 degrees for easy viewing, and simultaneously display relevant measurements such as time and the measured value. The display also features automatic display arrangement. The digital Force Gauge comes with an internal memory that holds up to 1000 measurements. In addition, the device has a USB interface for transferring the measurement data to a PC. On a PC, the data can be analyzed and archived by using the included software. The DFG 500 Force Gauge is simple to operate, featuring only four buttons and a streamlined menu for user-friendly navigation. A robust housing makes the device suited for use in harsh conditions. The digital Force Gauge comes with an internal calibration function to ensure consistent accuracy of measurement, as well as the PEAK (Min - Max hold) and AUTO-PEAK functions. Power is supplied by a rechargeable battery that offers non-stop operation for up to 16 hours. A battery charger is included in the delivery contents. The DFG 500 digital Force Gauge is the ideal device for performing quality control inspections during the manufacturing production process, for inspecting incoming and outgoing shipments and goods, and for researching, developing, and testing new products.

Force Gauge DFG 500

  • Measurement range 500 N / 50 kg / 110 lbs
    Resolution 0.05 N / 0.005 kg / 0.01 lbs
    Accuracy ±0.1 % of measurement range
    Calibration 5 point calibration possible
    Measuring units N, gf, kgf, ozf, kg, lbf, mN
    Max. overload ±150 % outside of measurement range
    Measuring rate Adjustable, 10 / 5 / 2 / 1 reading(s) per sec
    Display 160 x 128 pixel graphic display
    Internal memory Stores up to 1,000 measurements
    Storage Manual - at the push of a button
    Automatic - AUTO-PEAK function
    Interface Serial RS-232 9-pin, USB 2.0
    Software and data cable Includes CD-ROM with software
    Environmental conditions During operation: -10° C ... +40 °C / +14° F ... +104° F
    20 ... 80 % rel. humidity
    Storing: -20° C ... +50° C / -4° F ... +122° F
    5 ... 90 % rel. humidity
    Power supply Internal 800 mAh Ni-MH rechargeable battery
    Universal USB / BM charger
    Input voltage: 110 ... 240 VAC
    Adjustable auto shutdown function
    Battery lifetime Up to 16 hours of continuous operation
    Force sensor connector piece 7 mm / 0.3 in long with a 6 mm / 0.2 in screw thread
    Set point Tolerance alarm

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