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DDA 10 硬度計,手持式設計符合人體工學,可用於檢測口香糖,塑料和其他非金屬材料中的肖氏硬度,可測試物料包括 : 軟膠,彈性體,天然橡膠,氯丁橡膠,澆鑄樹脂,白色PVC,皮革等。如果材料厚度不夠,可使用相同材​​料疊厚增加厚度進行測試。


The DDA 10 durometer is an ergonomic device to check Shore hardness in gum, plastic and other non-metallic materials. It has been designed with a very high quality. The DDA 10 durometer is mainly used for soft gums, elastomers, natural rubber, neoprenes, casting resin, white PVC, leather, etc. If the material thickness is not enough, it should be layered and tightened on the back with the same material in order to increase its thickness.

Hardness Tester DDA 10 Shore A

  • Measurement area   0 ... 100 Shore A
    Resolution   0.1
    Accuracy   < ± 1

      35°± 0.25°

    Memory   500 measurements
    Dimensions   153 x 50 x 29 mm (main body)
    Weight   approx. 300 g
    Power supply   3.6V rechargeable Ni-MH accu
    Max. work time   up to 20h
    Charging time   about 3h
    Norms   GB/T 531.1, ISO7619-1, ASTM D 2240
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