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Pen-Shaped Laser Distance Meter

LDM-30 Pen-Shaped Laser Distance Meter is designed to use easily as a high-precision measurement tool. New compact design fits in every pocket and safely in places where access difficultly.

Meterbox-iLDM Software
for Laser Distance Meter
Amazing features and built-in apps.

The Meterbox-iLDM software can support our Laser Distance Meter product transfering the measured data to thecustomer's smartphone. Customers can easily use the softwear to check, transfer or edit the data with table and chart.They also have powerful cloud functions such as computing and storage service.


  • iLDM-30/LDM-30 Measuring Range

    0.05 to 30m/ 0.15ft to 98.0ft

    iLDM-50/LDM-50 Measuring Range

    0.05 to 50m/ 0.15ft to 164.0ft

    Measuring Accuracy

    Typically ±1.5mm (±0.06in)

    Smallest Unit Displayed


    History Measurement Records


    Measuring Units

    m, in, ft

    Laser Class

    Class II 635nm, <1mW

    Dust Protect/Splash Proof


    Operating Temperature

    -10 to 50 (14 to 122)

    Storage Temperature

    -20 to 70 (4 to 158)

    Battery Life

    Up to 5,000 Measurements


    Type AAA 2x1.5V

    Auto Laser Switch-off

    After 0.5min

    Auto Instrument Switch-off

    After 3min

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