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The LD-5R digital dust indicator is a relative concentration meter based on the light scattering method. It measures the dust level in less time than the filtrated collection method.


Due to its characteristics, the relative concentration may be converted into mass concentration with the use of the coefficient of conversion into mass concentration (K factor) calculated on the basis of the filtrated collection method.


The LD-5R PM2.5 digital dust indicator is a combination of the LD-5R with a PM2.5 cyclone particle size selector to perform the simplified measurement of PM2.5 concentrations

LD-5R Digital Dust Indicator

    • Model number: LD-5R
    • Size (mm): 184 x 68 x 109.5
    • Weight (kg): Approximately 1.1 (including cell)
    • Measurement principle: Light scattering type
    • Light source: Laser diode
    • Measurement range: 0.001 - 10.000mg/m3
    • Measurement sensitivity: 1CPM = 0.001mg/m3 (with respect to standard particle)
    • Measurement accuracy: ±10% (with respect to standard particle)
    • Indicator: Color graphic LCD display
    • Display contents: Measured/integration count display: 0 - 99999 counts (count from 00001 continuously for more than 99999), mass density conversion value display: Mg/m3, measurement time, current time, measurement mode, cell remaining amount, K value (0.1 - 9.9), bar chart (instantaneous value display) , trend graph, instantaneous value (CPM), failure alarm
    • Measurement mode: Timer (1 minute, 2 minutes, 10 minutes, 60 minutes, 240 minutes, any, manual, log (logging), span check, BG (background)
    • Output: USB/RS-232c output, no voltage pulse output (open collector, withstand voltage 12Vmax), voltage output (0-1V, 3 ranges selection available, output impedance 100Ω)
    • Power supply: AC adapter (included), AA battery x 6 pieces (included for test)
    • Accessories: Shoulder belt, filter
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