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The PAT tester TG basic 1 is battery-operated. The pat tester TG basic 1 is easy to use because of the automatic test procedure. The PAT tester TG basic 1 of GMW measures the protective conductor resistance, the insulation resistance and the equivalent leakage. The PAT tester is simply operated via the rotary switch and the start button. Because of the plain text display and the good-bad rating, instructed staff can execute VDE tests for portable devices with the PAT tester. In addition to doing hardware checks, the PAT tester can also test extension cords in accordance with DIN VDE. Due to its robust design, the case of the PAT tester TG basic 1 is suitable for mobile use. Because it is battery operated and easy to use, GMW’s safety tester TG basic 1 is especially interesting for smaller companies or service technicians

PAT Tester TG basic 1

  • Protective conductor resistance 0.05 ... 5.0 Ω
    Test > ± 200 mA
    Open-circuit voltage 4.5 ... 8.5 V
    Insulation resistance 0.1 ... 20.00 milliohms
    Test voltage /electricity ≥ 500 V DC / 1 mA
    250 V DC / 1 mA ≥
    Equivalent leakage 0.1 ... 20th A
    Test voltage 25 ... 40 V AC
    General technical data safety tester
    Display Graphic LCD, 160 x 104 pixels
    Limit display Visually and acoustically
    Measurement category CAT II / 300 V
    Degree of pollution 2
    Protection class IP 40
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