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The pH meter 228 is a very easy-to-use pH / mV / °C / °F handheld instrument. The pH value and the temperature can be stored directly on the SD card (Excel file) or transferred directly from the pH meter to a PC via the RS-232 interface. For this we optionally offer a software and the suitable RS-232 interface cable as an accessory. Temperature compensation is either manual or automatic via the supplied temperature sensor.

All this allows a fast and reliable pH measurement. The pH meter has a three-point calibration, which is performed automatically. It can be determined with the combination meter, the pH, the temperature or the REDOX potential (ORP). For the latter measurement parameters, however, a REDOX electrode must also be ordered. Here we recommend the ORP electrode ORP-14. The pH meter is battery operated (6 x 1.5V batteries are included).

pH Meter 228LIQ