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The power analyzer redefines standards in electrical measurement technology, offering a comprehensive range of features for precise and detailed measurements. The power analyzer allows accurate measurements of electrical voltage, current, frequency, harmonics, and starting currents. In addition, precise power and energy measurements can be performed, enabling accurate monitoring and optimization of energy consumption.

The graphical representation of waveforms and vector graphics allows users to visually capture and analyze electrical signals. These features provide insights into the quality of electrical power and aid in identifying issues in the network. The device can also detect and display sags, surges, or flickers in the power supply network.

- Measurement of voltage, current, frequency
- Harmonics, harmonics, starting current
- Power and energy measurement
- Sags, surges, and flicker in the power grid
- Graphical representation of waveform and vector graphics
- Data logger with 8 GB storage- LAN and USB data interface
- Includes flexible current clamps up to 3000 A- Compliance with standards: IEC61000-4-30, 61000-4-15, 61000-4-7, EN50160

Power Analyzer PA 8500

  • Direct Current (DC)  
    Measurement Range +1 V ... +1000 V
    Resolution 0.1 V
    Accuracy ±0.5% of the measured value
    Alternating Current (AC)  
    Measurement Range +1 V ... +1000 V
    Resolution 0.1 V
    Accuracy ±0.5%
    Alternating Current (AC)  
    Measurement Range +15 A ... +3000 A
    Resolution 0.1 A
    Accuracy ±3%
    Power Factor  
    Measurement Range 0 ... +1
    Resolution 0.01
    Accuracy ±0.03
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